nice+sexy Lotion Bars Newsletter 01/2019


The first edition of nice+sexy lotion bars newsletter (01/2019) is available for download right now. Get it here (in pdf version): nice+sexy newsletter 01-2019

In it, we talk about how nice+sexy lotion bars were inspired, how you can use lotion bars and incorporate it into your daily beauty and skincare routine, and how you can order a box to try it out.

The response that we got since we started to produce the lotion bars in September 2018 has exceeded our wildest expectations.  nice+sexy lotion bars are yet to be made commercially available but we are pleased to let you know that we are now working to bring in investors, shortlisting a manufacturing facility that can meet our requirements and getting all the necessary certification and analysis needed for us to get the product into beauty store shelves (or Lazada!) later in the year.

At the moment, the nice+sexy lotion bars will still be 100% handmade. In order to meet demands and ensure we have the ingredients imported and delivered at the right time, we have decided that a new batch will be brewed every two (2) weeks. The production calendar will be posted in our instagram @lotionbarsandstuff soon. Keep a lookout so that you don’t miss the order deadline. We would love to be able to produce the lotion bars in big batches but we do not have proper storage facilities for the raw materials. So, in order to maintain our lotion bars’ quality, safety and hygiene, we decided to remain small-scale til further notice.

Bespoke orders will continue to be 100% handmade til the end of time so that we can give each order the tlc that it needs.

Give us your feedback and let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in our next issue of the newsletter. Looking forward to hear from you!

~the team from nice+sexy lotion bars

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