“Coffee, Cake, Learn” Mixer

nice+sexy lotion bar wishes you happy chinese new year 2019 (1)

This mixer is inspired by the “Drink, Talk, Learn” parties that are taking Seattle by storm.

Refine your public speaking skills and build confidence with this lightning-speed presentation mixer where you are required to give a 3-minute talk on any topic you are passionate about.


  1. All participants must give a 3-minute talk aided by a Powerpoint presentation on any topic that they love.
  2. Setting the automatic timer via animation in the Powerpoint presentation is NOT ALLOWED.
  3. For every one (1) minute that you go over the 3-minute mark, you will have to stop and eat a cupcake. WITHOUT USING YOUR HANDS. Once cupcake is eaten, you are to continue the presentation. More cupcakes to be eaten after the presentation is over depending on how many minutes you overshoot the 3-minute allotted time.
  4. Audience can heckle you and stop you for questions so you need to be able to adapt your presentation speed and style in order to allow for these “interruptions”. However, those who interrupt without cause will be penalized and required to drink an entire glass of Coke Zero. The presentation timer will be stopped in order to accommodate these questions.
  5. Come dressed in Business Casual!


Winners will be voted by blind ballot and these are for:

  1. Best Speaker
  2. Best Dressed
  3. Most Interesting Topic, and
  4. Closest to 3 minutes Without Going Over.


  • Date: Mar 09, 2019 (Saturday)
  • Time: 3.00pm  – 5:00pm (Tea Time)
  • Price: RM75 per person
  • No of Pax: Only twenty (20) seats are available
  • Venue: Binjai Soho 8 in Kuala Lumpur (behind Intercontinental Hotel, Jalan Ampang).

If you would like to participate, write to us at kreatifmegamas@gmail.com or WhatsApp +601137253075 (Didi). We will send you the payment details and registration confirmation once payment is made. See you there!


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