Raising Your Personal Brand Workshop


Our most popular workshop is back after a 3-month hiatus with updated syllabus and content.

Open to everyone, it focuses on personal branding and how to be authentic to who you are and positively amplifying it to help you grow from strength to strength.

This workshop will help you identify and craft your master statement and narrow the reality vs perception gap so that you own a strong personal brand. While the specific circumstances and goals vary by individuals, the overall concept and processes will be relevant to everyone irrespective of his/her industry or stage of career.


MODULE 1: The Science of First Impressions

Building a recognizable personal brand opens up professional opportunities and starts within seconds of meeting someone. Learn to create a a positive halo effect whereby you are associated with having positive qualities as a result of a good first impression. These include:

  1. Manners maketh man – what people think of you within the first 20 seconds and how you can control your personal brand.
  2. Dressing the part – what does the different dress code mean.
  3. Managing difficult co-workers – how to say no and create an environment of trust.

MODULE 2: The 4C’s of Personal Branding

Personal Branding is an extension of who you are: what people remember about you. THINK: if you were to leave your job tomorrow, what would you like your colleagues to say and remember about you? These include how to:

  1. Write a master statement
  2. Edit your social media platforms
  3. Rewrite your cv
  4. Identify the elements of value that represent who you are

Workshop will be concluded with a role-play session where participants will act out different social and business situations and are given tips and tricks on how to handle themselves gracefully in such. Participants will be given personal feedback via email within 24-hours of conclusion of the workshop.


  • Date: Mar 23, 2019 (Saturday)
  • Time: 9am – 1pm (breakfast and light refreshments will be served)
  • Price: RM120 per person
  • No of Pax: Only eight (8) seats are available
  • Venue: Binjai Soho 8 in Kuala Lumpur (behind Intercontinental Hotel, Jalan Ampang).

If you would like to participate, write to us at kreatifmegamas@gmail.com or WhatsApp +601137253075 (Didi). We will send you the payment details and registration confirmation once payment is made. See you there!




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