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1.How to Increase Your Employability (for Fresh Grads)
Recently I had the opportunity to address the lecturers and students from the Faculty of Resource Science & Technology, University Malaysia Sarawak on the topic of Employability. I distill the points that I shared with them here.
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2.Why Do I Need to Learn Chemistry?
When I was 16, I had a Physics teacher who caught me writing graffiti on the laboratory’s desk instead of doing the experiment. He reprimanded me and while he was talking I interrupted him and said I would finish all the experiments in the Physics workbook in a month if he could explain to me how Physics is relevant to my ambition of being an accountant. He could not and I got out of doing Physics homework for the rest of the semester.
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3.What Would Be Your Strategy To…?
There is no blanket strategy that can cover everything; and there is no on-the-spot answers that can adequately cover these either. I think anyone who tries to answer this off-the-cuff is doing the company a disservice as they would not have enough information to answer it adequately. Or, they will use big words to try to appear clever. Listen carefully and you will realize that these are just words.
4.Top 3 Tips to Prepare for a Presentation
Having to present your paper, or chair meetings, or even answer a question during a discussion can be intimidating and make you extremely nervous. This is because we don’t want to say the wrong things, or appear un-knowledgeable, or because we feel our grasp of the language is not good enough and people might look down or laugh at us. These would be my top 3 tips on how prepare when having to present or speak to an audience .
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5.2 Lessons for Women at the Top
On a recent coaching session, I was asked what are the common mistakes made by women in senior management. I responded by saying that I will share the two things that I feel women in senior management need to learn.
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6.Key Opinion Leaders vs Social Influencers
In recent times, I find the confusion between Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and social influencers (SI) increasing. To me, KOLs are certainly social influencers; however, social influencers are not necessarily KOLs. Yet many equate the two as being one and the same (like how in the past people used to confuse Public Relations with Advertising).
7.Top People Leave Their Boss, Not Their Companies
It’s a hard truth.  When great people leave, it’s due to their boss, and not their company.  The idea was first introduced to me in 1999 through the book “First Break All The Rules.”  Since then, I have had the good fortune to build and to lead top performing teams and companies, interviewing and hiring thousands along the way.  Throughout this time, I cannot think of one instance where this hypothesis was wrong.
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8.Be Curious, Stay Curious
Curiosity pushes you to learn, explore, experiment, play.
The best explanation comes from the late Richard Feynman:
“Some people say, How can you live without knowing? I do not know what they mean. I always live without knowing. That is easy. How you get to know is what I want to know. “
9.What is “The No Asshole” Rule?
Sadly, bullies are often allowed, celebrated even, because they are “performing” or “bringing in the numbers”. Truth is, bullies weaken the team and create a hostile environment of distrust and fear. In short, bullies are not good for the organisation!