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1.Raising Your Personal Brand
Personal branding is about being authentic to who you are and positively amplifying it to help you grow from strength to strength. This workshop will help you identify and craft your master statement and narrow the reality vs perception gap so that you own a strong personal brand. While the specific circumstances and goals vary by individual, the overall concepts and process will be relevant to everyone irrespective of the industry or career.
Mar 23
2.Coffee, Cake, Learn!
Refine your public speaking skill with this lightning-speed presentation mixer where you give a 3-minute talk on any topic you are passionate about. Inspired by the “Drink, Talk, Learn” party that’s taking Seattle by storm. Prizes to be won!
Mar 09
3.Employability Talk to UNIMAS Students (tentative)
In simple terms, employability is about being capable of finding, getting and keeping a job. This talk covers the set of skills, knowledge understanding and personal attributes that employers are looking for, the science of first impressions, art of writing a good CV and how to answer common interview questions. 
Mar 05
4.Personal Development Workshop for Women #2
The second workshop in the series, it aims to empower women to be the best version of ourselves. Participants will learn to equip yourself with essential skills and tools that will help get you ready for the next level. Build your communication assertiveness, rediscover your talents and strengths and harness the power of social media to market and discover a network of like-minded people and potential clients.
Feb 23
5.Say What?! Effective Communication for Youths
Suitable for those between the ages of 16-21 who find public speaking, attending interviews, presenting in class or speaking up in a general a challenging thing to do.
Feb 16
6.Personal Development Workshop for Women #1
First ever personal development workshop dedicated to women.
Suitable for women who would like to tailor their personal brand more strategically so that their presence are memorable and effective (for example, if you run your own business; or if you have just changed jobs or promoted to a position of authority) and those who need a little help with public speaking and presenting, be it when seeing clients or chairing meetings.
Jan 12
1.Say What?! Effective Communication for YouthsDec 20
2.Effective Communication for BeginnersDec 01
3.Raising Your Personal BrandOct 06
4.7C’s of Effective CommunicationSep 29