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  • Do you struggle with having to present assignments in front of your class?
  • Do you find standing up and asking questions in lecture halls nerve-wrecking?
  • Do you feel your speaking style and presentation skills can be improved?
  • Do you get nervous when asked to clarify a point in meetings?

Due to demand for classes designed and aimed at students and the younger crowd, we are pleased to offer a personal coaching workshop called EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS FOR BEGINNERS.

The workshop will be conducted by Kreatif Megamas’ Director, Ms Rafizah Amran (see her credentials below) and in order to keep it personal and effective, it will be limited to six (6) persons only. Fee includes course material, refreshments and certificate. Additional coaching, one-on-one and/or bespoke group sessions are available upon request.

For more information and/or to register, contact  +60 11-3725 3075 (Didi) or email Seat is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

1 December 2018; Mercu Summer Suites; 9am – 1pm
Learn to improve your personal communications style that will allow you to gain confidence and interact more effectively with your audience. The workshop will include the do’s and don’ts, practical tips on public speaking and a recorded role-playing session so that you can identify your barriers to effective communications and develop ways to overcome them.

Participants will be asked to come dressed as they normally would when attending job interviews or doing presentations to their lecturers. The class is suitable for those between 18-27 years old, particularly those who are in college or graduates who have just joined the working force.

Workshop will be conducted primarily in English, with some parts in Bahasa Malaysia particularly on the topic of dealing with Government agencies and regulatory bodies.

Topics include:

  • Identifying your triggers: why your mind goes blank and you get nervous in front on people.
  • Body language matters: how to manage the way your body moves to inspire trust and confidence.
  • Learning to listen: how to separate good information from bad ones so that you can answer or react more effectively.
  • Tips & tricks: how to nail public speaking and keep your jitters in check.
  • Role-play: mock presentation and interview session that will be recorded and critiqued so that you can improve your communications skills and style.



Rafizah Amran is a marketing communications and public relations specialist with over 20 years experience across several industries including pharmaceutical, healthcare & nutritional consultancy, FMCG, finance, entertainment, broadcasting, tourism, aviation and non-profit. She has been featured in many corporate and personal coaching sessions, international conferences and seminars as well as sat in judging panels for marketing and public relations campaigns for various industry awards.

She possesses both agency and corporate experience with extensive regional exposure. She has been responsible for marketing and communications function for companies and subsidiaries located in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and South Korea, with dual-reporting function to the individual Country Director and Global Chief Communications Officer (Hong Kong) and matrix reporting to Group CEO (Malaysia/Singapore).

Rafizah has also been involved in start-ups and Build-Operate-Transter (BOT) projects for both commercial and non-profit organisations; served in the secretariat and steering committees for nationwide initiatives such as Bright Start Nutrition (Nutrition Society of Malaysia), Positive Parenting (Malaysian Paediatric Association), World Health Day (Yayasan Jantung Negara), Fight Against Diabetes (National Diabetes Institute), Make It Safe for Kids (Johnson & Johnson), Children Fun Time and Dutch Lady Nutrition Centre (Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad), Junior Jet Club (AirAsia) and Equal Sensicare Bureau (Merisant Co).

She was responsible for a Group-wide restructuring and rebranding exercise for a public-listed company and its subsidiaries which included an investment bank, financial advisory services arm in Hong Kong and Singapore, commercial property development, and hotel and resorts that spanned 4 countries and over 52 branches across SEA region.

Highly proficient in integrated consumer marketing, Financial PR, investors relations and stakeholder engagement, in the last 14 years Rafizah has been sitting in senior management positions in public-listed holding companies and GLC-subsidiary with intense involvement in formulating strategies, growing revenue and creating new streamlines in addition to providing counsel and overseeing special projects for the Board of Directors.

Rafizah is also a published author with 5 books under her belt. In her spare time she writes for a food and travel blog as well as contributing articles and reviews for various inflight magazines and video games e-zines.




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